North Little Rock Dentist Talks About Good Dental & Oral Health

As far as food is concerned, we cannot deny the fact that American diet is simply teeming with food items that can be harmful and detrimental to the teeth. According to experts and professionals working in the field of dental care, foods that are loaded with sugar as well as starchy food stuffs are things that feed the bacteria that cause plaque buildup. Over time, plaques usually develop into tartar which is the common cause of gum disease and tooth decay. According to professional dentists, tartar and plaque buildup can be prevented by regular brushing, gargling with mouthwash, flossing, etc. There are also foods that can help improve dental and oral health. The following are the top favorites of your North Little Rock Dentist:

Natural cheese that contains less sugar is known to be rich in calcium and can help strengthen teeth. It also contains a type of protein which is known as casein which helps in lowering the risk of dental cavities. In addition, eating cheese regularly can help maintain the whiteness of your teeth and this. Cheese is known to fortify the enamel, a layer of a tooth that protects the white dentin.

Gum that Contains No Sugar
If you forgot to brush, floss or gargle, you have to know that it is the saliva that helps your mouth clean. It functions as an agent that removes plaques, food particles and certain types of debris inside the mouth. By chewing gun that is sugar-free can stimulate the production of saliva, thus removing deposits that prove to be potentially harmful to the teeth and mouth. Thus, it is not surprising that your North Little Rock Dentist recommends chewing sugar-free gum right after eating.

Celery is a fibrous type of vegetable so this requires you some time to chew it. Since it is fibrous, this means that t can break into strands that offer natural cleaning solutions as you chew. You also have to take note that celery has negative-calorie effect. This means that you can burn more calories eating calories so this kind of vegetable is a healthy option for you.

Raw Onion
You may want to assume that your mouth is perfectly clean. Are you sure? According to studies, a mouth that you think is clean usually contains millions and millions of bacteria most of the time. All of these bacteria are not bad but some attack the tooth enamel, thereby causing serious dental and oral issues in the process. Experts recommend eating raw onion as this contains properties that can kill bacteria. Others would want to negate eating raw onion because it can cause bad breath. This can be true alright but a few onion rings in your salad or sandwich can help control marauding bacteria in your mouth. As a result, you’ll never have to see your dentist quite often!
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